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Hittin’ 25

12 Sep

I’ve officially hit the mid-twenties!

Can’t decide if the exclamation is a shoutout of joy or a gasp at the old age. Ever since the age of 10, I’ve had a love hate relationship with birthdays. As much as it is yet another excuse for celebration, reality hits that I’ve turned another year older, and soon I will be seeing grey hair and wrinkles. Superficial, I know.

This feeling hit me many years back. I realised once I turned 10, I had hit the two digit age and I was mulling over the fact that there was no turning back to being young. As much as it sounds immature now, I still can’t help but feel abit melancholic each time my birthday looms near.


Well, at least my celebration perked things up quite a bit. M booked a one night’s stay at Klapson’s The Boutique Hotel for my birthday. It was meant to be a quiet affair for just the two of us. Pretty relaxing for a change, I must say.

Had brunch at The Plains Cafe at Craig Road before checking in




Checkin in!PhotobucketC





Chocolate platter that M ordered. They had weird flavours like wasabi which sucked urgh.Photobucket

Got down to doing some housekeeping on our own. The jacuzzi was filled with some leaves since it was in the open air area.

Must say we were quite disappointed with the jacuzzi. We spent a whole lot of time cleaning up the jacuzzin before we went in for a dip. After draining out the water, there was a million specks of black dirt around the sides of the jacuzzi. We were pretty grossed out that we were actally soaking in that dirt. Can’t believe we spend so much time just washing up that tub over and over again!Photobucket

 I know that jacuzzis aren’t suppose to have soap, but oh well..it made it more fun! Felt cleaner too haha

A whole lot of bubbly!




Our lunch! The room service food was exceptionally nice, maybe cos it was salty. Truffle fries and chicken wings. 😀

The only grouse was that for every room service we made, we were charged $10 extra. Never really heard of that in other hotels though. Maybe it’s just me..Photobucket

We didn’t even once step out of the room for the whole stay there. Watched movie after movie that was showing on the hopelessly grainy television. Ordered in more food, soaked in the jacuzzi, and repeat.

My bday cake, which wasn’t too bad. I think I finished half of it on my own and left the rest in the hotel..Photobucket

Apart from a few other grouses we had, this staycation came at a good time to get away from our stress. Not sure if I would head back there for another stay though. Not really keen on bending over to do more jacuzzi cleaning, since age is catching up anyway. Heh

Till the next!


Hosted on the Patio

23 Jun


We finally made it to Hosted on the Patio, after postponing it for about a month. Am actually glad we managed to try this place cos the ambience was good, the food was good, nothing much to complain about actually. Well, the service was abit slow, but we weren’t really in a rush so it was aight. We realised people who didn’t order the starters/salads got all their mains much faster than us, whereas we  waited for about 20 min for our mains after our salad was served.



Caesar Salad


Seafood Crepe – with crabmeat & prawns
The creamy sauce was to die for!


Egg Salmon
Smoked Salmon atop english muffins with caviar and sour cream
The whole combination was close to perfection


Wish I had the chance to try all the other breakfast items on the menu. Well, gives me the excuse to visit them again, perhaps for brunch or even dinner, when they have their live band performing.


Hosted on the Patio
991B Alexandra Road

Group Therapy Cafe

1 May

Labour Day Brunch was spent at Group Therapy Cafe – a hidden gem at Duxton Road. We settled on this place which none of us tried before, based on good reviews we heard. Definitely didn’t disappoint!

Group Therapy Cafe is on the second floor of a shophouse which might make it slightly less prominent, but a slow walk down Duxton Road will have you there in no time. The place is cosy, and not too large, so the place doesn’t get extremely crowded unlike some other brunch places. They don’t take reservations, but feel free to give them a call to check on the availability half an hour before heading down. We got a place pretty quick!

The brunch buddies – Ali & Donna


Poached Eggs (S$15)
This Eggs Benedict, unlike others, were on top of a thick toast. Topped with Smoked Salmon, Gruyere and Hollandaise sauce, my brunch was perfect! The portion was surprisingly filling, but I finished up every bit of it, including the delish Hollandaise sauce.

I will go back anytime just for this (:


Double-stacked Buckwheat Pancakes (S$15)

I didn’t get to try this, but the banana walnut pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup looked amazing and Donna said it was yummy. Next trip here, and I will try it!


Omelette with Swiss mushrooms & Parmesan Cheese (S$18)

Served with bratwurst sausage, salad and 2 wholemeal buns, this meal is definitely a huge portion to try. For a variety of food, I think this makes a good choice.


This cafe had a great ambience, and with the great food, we didn’t regret choosing this place! Prices are so affordable as well, and I definitely wanna come back here to try their sandwiches and desserts. Before that, I wanna check out all the other cafes in the Duxton area! (:

Sunday Brunch: Pique ✽ Nique at Takashimaya

26 Feb

Yet another lazy Sunday!

We woke past noon and only stepped out of house at close to 3pm.

Guess who wanted to join us?


Royce was being cranky, blocking our way when we wanted to step into the car, and then climbing in on his own. Usually, he wouldn’t even want to step in, because car rides meant going to the vet.


Anyway! Our plan was to head to Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery. The place was full, and so we headed to Jones the Grocer to try our luck. 330pm, and both places were packed to the brim! Singaporeans really do eat all day long (:

Last stop, we finally decided to try Pique Nique at Takashimaya.


What we ordered.

Classic Benedicts
Hot ChocolatePhotobucket

Pancakes with Maple SyrupPhotobucket


Unfortunately, the food left us very unsatisfied. The Benedicts weren’t served on english muffins, and the ham was like those cheap ones found in supermarts. The hollandaise sauce didn’t pack a punch at all.

Pancakes were not bad, fluffy and all. Very simple, nothing much to rave about. The hot chocolate with marshmallows saved the day at least (:

Maybe we were extremely hungry and expecting too much. The food was quite disappointing, I must say. Most people ordered the dessert, maybe that’s what they are famous for.

If I ever do come back, I might likely try their desserts instead!

Pique Nique
Takashimaya B1-01/02
Ngee Ann City Tower A
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873