To new beginnings and beyond

2 Jun

What lies beneath.


It’s been abit more than 2 weeks since I left my old workplace. The place where I hold fond memories of colleagues-now-turned-friends. I came across friendly clients and also the nasty ones. It was also the place that showed me the true colors of the corporate world and the ugly side of people. But it was all these that taught me more than anything else in my 2 years of work life and I picked up life’s lessons along the way.


Someday, somehow, I’ll find my way.


I am thankful to have started work on a Friday. The weekend will do some good to get me recharged and reorganize my thoughts. I don’t fare well in adapting to new environments or people and I take longer than usual to warm up to new surroundings. The clock is ticking way too fast for me.



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