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Ramen Champion @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

28 May

Been having these crazy Japanese Ramen cravings recently. And since it’s been a while since we heard about Ramen Champion and its interesting concept, we headed down to the Changi Airport T3 outlet.Photobucket


PhotobucketThe 4 Ramen Champions from different parts of Japan:
Gantetsu from Sapporo,
Riki Ramen from Toyko,
Gensuki from Fukuoka, &
Ikkousha from HakataPhotobucketSpicy Ramen from Riki.
We heard that Riki – the Tokyo outlet was the best amongst the others. While it was super tasty, it didn’t really satisfy our craving for spicy food that day. Photobucket

PhotobucketSpecial Miso Ramen from Gantetsu
The portion was super huge! And I barely finished the generous servings of noodles, beansprouts, cabbages.
Partially satisfied my ramen cravings although I would have expected the soup broth to have been tastier ):PhotobucketTime to search for the best ramen out there!


Food for Thought @ 8Q

18 May

Our last minute impromptu late lunch date with Shuyi cos someone was craving for pancakes. And where else better than to head to but Food for Thought!

Its been almost 6 months since we last visited the place. Was definitely craving for ALL their food…



Full Works (S$18). Makes you more than full.

PhotobucketOur Mixed Berries Pancakes (S$10). Sooo good and drool worthy.

Till I find another pancake as good as this, I think Food for Thought wins it hands down. Plus, its so affordable!


Pepper Thyme Fries (S$5)

or choose from Rosemary Garlic or Spicy Chilli.


Old Southern Red Velvet Cake ($6)

The red velvet was really dense, and we couldn’t decide if we loved it or not ): Probably give it a miss the next time we come again.


The 3 of us were just stuffing our face silly and could barely finish everything. Oh, can’t wait to visit the new outlet at Botanic Gardens as well!

The Singapore Flyer (Virgin) Experience

17 May

It’s been a long time since the Singapore Flyer became part of the landscape and I always thought of it to be a touristy thing. What for view the skyline when you have seen it before anyway?

Anyways, after such a long wait and pestering, we finally decided to go for it!

The Singapore Flyer Gallery
PhotobucketSimilar to the airport check-in, we had to scan our belongings and walk through the metal detector gantry.PhotobucketPhotobucket



Behold one of the best views from the flyer!


It was a good half hour experience on the flyer. Regretfully only the Marina Bay view was enjoyable.

More food porn coming up!!

Group Therapy Cafe

1 May

Labour Day Brunch was spent at Group Therapy Cafe – a hidden gem at Duxton Road. We settled on this place which none of us tried before, based on good reviews we heard. Definitely didn’t disappoint!

Group Therapy Cafe is on the second floor of a shophouse which might make it slightly less prominent, but a slow walk down Duxton Road will have you there in no time. The place is cosy, and not too large, so the place doesn’t get extremely crowded unlike some other brunch places. They don’t take reservations, but feel free to give them a call to check on the availability half an hour before heading down. We got a place pretty quick!

The brunch buddies – Ali & Donna


Poached Eggs (S$15)
This Eggs Benedict, unlike others, were on top of a thick toast. Topped with Smoked Salmon, Gruyere and Hollandaise sauce, my brunch was perfect! The portion was surprisingly filling, but I finished up every bit of it, including the delish Hollandaise sauce.

I will go back anytime just for this (:


Double-stacked Buckwheat Pancakes (S$15)

I didn’t get to try this, but the banana walnut pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup looked amazing and Donna said it was yummy. Next trip here, and I will try it!


Omelette with Swiss mushrooms & Parmesan Cheese (S$18)

Served with bratwurst sausage, salad and 2 wholemeal buns, this meal is definitely a huge portion to try. For a variety of food, I think this makes a good choice.


This cafe had a great ambience, and with the great food, we didn’t regret choosing this place! Prices are so affordable as well, and I definitely wanna come back here to try their sandwiches and desserts. Before that, I wanna check out all the other cafes in the Duxton area! (: