RWS Maritime Experiential Museum & Kae’s 1st Birthday Party

10 Apr

Good Friday weekend was good, I must say. We maxed out most of our days, and work this week is a major pain.

Thursday: Robert Timms & then supper with Rach and SW.

Friday: Tennis & Dinner with the usuals

Saturday : RWS

Headed to the Malaysian Food Street place.

Basically, there’s no need to travel to Malaysia anymore, because all their delicacies can be found here. And I mean ALL. From Malacca’s chicken rice balls, KL’s hokkien mee, pastries from the famous Fung Wong Confectionery (must try!), you get the drift.

I still dont get why anyone would put Malaysia’s hawker fare in Singapore’s RWS.

Anyways, the decor was interesting, smaller replicas of shophouses.


Us attempting to look pretty


Headed to the Maritime Experiential Museum.

Interactive museum showing Southeast Asia’s maritime trade from the 9th century.


And it was Sukiya for dinner this weekend again!



K’s 1st bday party

So lucky to have such a pretty dessert table.

Most of the desserts by Little House of Dreams



Ending off with a darn cute picture of my friend’s poodle who got stuck while trying to jail break!




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