The long weekend

18 Mar

Had a good break of 5 days, and I must say that it felt GOOD to be away from work.

The only dampener was that the boss asked me to head down to office for 1-2 hours on a Friday noon. ):

Anyway, we planned a few things to do like explore some nice place to eat, donate blood, but we didn’t fulfil all.

OH, and we have been gyming religiously 6 times this week! I hope it won’t die off.


Pictures from the previous week!

Addicted with Draw Something. Super tired of it now haha.



Lunch at TCC again!





More food on a Saturday night! We finally went Sukiya again, this time at Marina Square.

Ate till we wanted to explode, and I think it wasn’t even that much. I swear the age does us no good when it comes to buffet.

Only beef slices.


This time round, we chose the Sukiyaki soup base and the Kimuchi soup base. The latter is appetizing when the sweet Sukiyaki soup gets abit overwhelming.


Sunday night dinner after gym at Coffee Club



I was craving so so badly for some chocolatey goodness, so I wiped off one whole Gooey Chocolate Monkey Tart all by myself. Bliss.Photobucket

Long weekend ended way too quickly! ):

Time to prepare for a week’s long of battle ahead.



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