Sunday Brunch: Pique ✽ Nique at Takashimaya

26 Feb

Yet another lazy Sunday!

We woke past noon and only stepped out of house at close to 3pm.

Guess who wanted to join us?


Royce was being cranky, blocking our way when we wanted to step into the car, and then climbing in on his own. Usually, he wouldn’t even want to step in, because car rides meant going to the vet.


Anyway! Our plan was to head to Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery. The place was full, and so we headed to Jones the Grocer to try our luck. 330pm, and both places were packed to the brim! Singaporeans really do eat all day long (:

Last stop, we finally decided to try Pique Nique at Takashimaya.


What we ordered.

Classic Benedicts
Hot ChocolatePhotobucket

Pancakes with Maple SyrupPhotobucket


Unfortunately, the food left us very unsatisfied. The Benedicts weren’t served on english muffins, and the ham was like those cheap ones found in supermarts. The hollandaise sauce didn’t pack a punch at all.

Pancakes were not bad, fluffy and all. Very simple, nothing much to rave about. The hot chocolate with marshmallows saved the day at least (:

Maybe we were extremely hungry and expecting too much. The food was quite disappointing, I must say. Most people ordered the dessert, maybe that’s what they are famous for.

If I ever do come back, I might likely try their desserts instead!

Pique Nique
Takashimaya B1-01/02
Ngee Ann City Tower A
391A Orchard Road
Singapore 238873 


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