Never look back and regret

17 Feb

Work has been taking a huge toll on me. And I think now’s one of the worse times where life is throwing me a curveball. With everything going on, it’s got me thinking abit.

At 25, I feel unaccomplished. I’m at a job that I don’t mind, but yet am not passionate for. Now that work has more crap that I have ever encountered, there’s no passion to tide me over. So, what am I doing, at my mid-twenties, living life day after day, doing the mundane and not chasing for what I genuinely love. I used to think passion doesn’t matter. Money makes the world go round, whether or not people grudgingly agree, it’s a fact. Now, I beg to differ. I’m feeling a void in life. Everyday I distant myself from my job. Everyday I shut off the detractors and I’m now emotionless to any comments. Since my job is not exactly high paying, I don’t see any loss in pursuing what I enjoy.

Now, if only I had that job interview.(:

All the thoughts in my head are now, ‘If only I had..’, ‘why didn’t I…’, ‘I wish I had..’. All the words of regret. Not only for my career but for other aspects in my life.

And now I tell myself, never to step onto that path of regret again. I tell myself it’s never too late. But if I’d knew, I would have been earlier. I’m taking one step at a time, and I’ll reach my dream someday.

Make that first move today. The plans that you have been thinking about for oh so long. Stop procrastinating. And I don’t mean planning that lavish holiday or purchasing that outrageously overpriced branded bag. Plans for your life like, doing what you love, getting that higher qualifications you’ve always dreamed of, planning for your future. You never know when your life might take a turn for the worse and how those plans might tide you through.

I think it’s time for me to stop living for the present but for the future. Maybe I’ve muddled a tad too much in life. I don’t mean to turn my life drastically overnight and be harsh on myself. I will still enjoy the small happiness in life with family and friends. But it’s time I do something more for myself!


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