NLB & Steakout!

9 Feb

I finally managed to take a day off just to see the doctor for my nasal thing. Work has been so hectic that I can only choose one day in the middle of the week to take medical leave.

Anyway, on to happier things! We went out for a bit and kinda did an early V-day meal together.

 Nails with blings.

I digress.


Headed to National Library Board to see some exhibitions.

First up, From Books to Bytes – basically the history of NLB in chronological order.


Someone being bored as usual.Photobucket

Next, the main highlight – Stories behind Singapore StreetsPhotobucket


Interesting history of how Singapore’s street names came about, I would highly recommend anyone to check it out. Plus it’s free!

We wanted to check out the Adam Park exhibition but it wasn’t ready ):


Sights along the way to dinner.Photobucket


We wanted to try Republic of Steak – apparently cheap and good steak.Photobucket

It was replaced by Steakout. Not sure if it’s a change of name only or a change of owner altogether. Photobucket


We both wanted yummy thick steak, so we ordered the Tenderloin (S$27.80). Came with 2 sides which we could select.

Mine in medium rare with baked potatoes and coleslaw. My sides were nothing to rave about. The beef was fantabulous, if I must say. Done perfectly.



M’s Tenderloin in Medium, with corn cob and brocolli.Photobucket

The food definitely didn’t disappoint! Because we weren’t very hungry, we didn’t try any sides or desserts. Besides being well known for their steak, their menu includes sandwiches, pastas, and other main courses. I think we foresee ourselves coming back very often  (:

Rest day was well spent, but it’s back to work tomorrow to fight more battles.


2 Responses to “NLB & Steakout!”

  1. piggyneo February 9, 2012 at 2:12 PM #

    nice nails!! eh I wanna go tithe Singapore street soon.. haha I heard there’s this 3D art at Bugis u shld go c too!

    • lifessnippets February 9, 2012 at 2:30 PM #

      Haha yep! We saw the 3D. It was alright only heh

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