Not so merry December

6 Dec

I am annoyed. To the core.

I thought December would be a celebratory month. With our holidays and all. But I’ve been feeling less of it as the days go by or creep closer.

This morning I just thought to myself, I’d rather be at work instead of having fun. And I was hoping the week flash by quickly.

And then everything that could go wrong went wrong at work. Well, not everything. Just that one thing. A crazily rude and untactful email from who else but the boss. Come on, after so many years in the workforce, shouldn’t you have some basic email etiquette. Is there a need to be so bloody rude. Besides, get your facts right or at least be sure your memory is functioning well before launching such a brusque message at me.

You may have the position, power and authority. But I have completely lost all respect for you.


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