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The incomplete Hong Kong trip

16 Dec

Our 4D3N trip to HK was super rushed and a tad unfulfilling. Nonetheless, we met Sam (albeit for a rather short period) and spent time with the Uncle. Tough job doing the balancing act. Hopefully we’ll be there soon again! 

Took the super early jetstar flight at 630 in the morn and all we wanted to do was sleep. But I had the worst type of passenger next to me – a mother with a toddler. Horror of all horrors, she lifted the handrest between us, and my personal space was invaded for the rest of the flight. First she folded one leg and had her knee rested on my seat. I had to move closer to M just to feel comfortable. Then she stretched her leg diagonally into my foot rest area and I had to move again. I was probably only taking up 2/3 of my seat and the rest was for her.

Touched down and headed to CityGate Outlet mall where we shopped abit and headed to Royal View Hotel.

Our accommodation for the trip. Pretty much inconvenient, not near the MTR at all and we spent S$300 on cabs cos of this.

Note to self: stay in our own hotel in the city the next time. 

PhotobucketOur first night in Hong Kong at Central! Roasted pigeons for dinner, desserts thereafter and we visited Sam’s apartment! And then we headed to Lan Kwai Fong ….


Day 2! Citygate outlets again! Lunch affair at Watami with Sam and then Haagen Dazs..

We had to head off after a short while ): really wished we had more time just to laze around and catch up..


Day 3 with the uncle. Visited Chi Lin Nunnery, Prada Outlet, i-square, woodhouse, The One etc etcPhotobucket

This trip was so rushed that I laugh thinking back. It’s quite funny that we didn’t eat a single dim sum or charsiew or bo lo bun and all that defines HK and M didnt visit any touristy areas like The Peak or Disneyland.

Maybe one day we will pay HK a proper visit and do all things touristy worthy of that place. Till then, I’ll try to satisfy my food cravings from the pseudo HK cafes around Singapore.


Not so merry December

6 Dec

I am annoyed. To the core.

I thought December would be a celebratory month. With our holidays and all. But I’ve been feeling less of it as the days go by or creep closer.

This morning I just thought to myself, I’d rather be at work instead of having fun. And I was hoping the week flash by quickly.

And then everything that could go wrong went wrong at work. Well, not everything. Just that one thing. A crazily rude and untactful email from who else but the boss. Come on, after so many years in the workforce, shouldn’t you have some basic email etiquette. Is there a need to be so bloody rude. Besides, get your facts right or at least be sure your memory is functioning well before launching such a brusque message at me.

You may have the position, power and authority. But I have completely lost all respect for you.