Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I

27 Nov

Photobucket3half popcorns

We caught Breaking Dawn Part I the moment it opened on 24.11.11! As a short sum up, I felt it was a really slow show and I was bored at some points. To give them some credit, there were more laughter and tongue-in-cheek statements in this one than the previous 3 I watched.

Breaking Dawn to me was somewhat out of the norm from what I would expect from a Twilight series. Bella being impregnated after her marriage and then becoming ridiculously thin with sunken cheekbones and her eye sockets could be seen. I guess the CGI plus make-up and what not did a good job but she looked horrid. Haha..and then there were the werewolves talking to each other which was just too weird for me.

All in all, the show was so-so..was there even a climax? I barely recall..

Still, it was good watching just for Jacob.. and maybe Part II will be a little more exciting and less creepy!


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