Windsurfing 101

23 Nov

We impulsively signed up for a full day windsurfing class for SGD 85 and went for it over the weekend. Located at the far end of East Coast Park was Water Venture, which is part of PA.


The full day course was from 9am-5pm, and there were about 12 of us. Started off in a classroom, being briefed about the jargons – think: daggerboard, mast, boom and what not. We were briefed about our safety as well and how not to sail towards ships and get sucked into its propeller. Throw in some horror stories about windsurfers being trapped and we were scared before we even made it out to sea.

Our course book which was never read

course book

We tried on simulator windsurfs on how to climb onboard, do some fancy turns and we headed to the sea! What we didnt know was that practicing on the simulator was a hundred times easier than doing in on sea. I had a good first try of trying to stand on the board, albeit drinking in too much salt-laden sea water when I tumbled unceremoniously into the water. My moment of glory lasted for 3 seconds.

M was a little more unfortunate. She fell once, and water gushed through all her orifices. She fell a couple more times and never learned her lesson of holding her breath or closing her eyes. Her series of misfortunes made her lose interest pretty quick..

We windsurfed for about an hour or more..I managed to successfully surf for like 10 seconds? Never made it past making a 180 degrees turn, so I had to slowly swim back to shore while dragging the board and sail.

Had a short lunch break at about 1pm..


and headed back to more windsurfing at about 2pm. The waves were way too choppy for us beginners to even start sailing, and we were pretty much drained out from the morning practice. And then the skies started turning dark and the lightning signal was sounded. So we headed in, and waited for a possibility for the weather to turn around. It didnt happen so we spent the remaining time keeping our sails, our boards. Washing them was seriously a chore, such a turn-off if I ever consider taking up this sport.

Anyway, a full day course earned us our Basic Windsurfing Course Certification. Now we can rent equipments and surf on our own! Then again, it’s not like we ever will, being such amateurs.

windsurfind cert 2

windsurfing cert

Was it exciting? It was definitely an experience. Good or bad, I can’t determine. It was fun to try it out, but it came with alot of other drawbacks like the dirtiness of the sport and the gruelling torture on our limbs and muscles. If we ever do try again, note to self: work on our arm strength at the gym first.

I’m a certified windsurfer now though!


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