We’re packing our bags!

15 Nov


After 6 months of working, we’re going to have a good holiday! Make that 2 actually 😀  I cant wait!! And they are both in December. Overkill, I know. But it’s the holiday season anyway!

And since her gruelling job is finally over, there’ll be a short break before starting on her new job..that’s where we’ll squeeze in our first trip!

Hong Kong
9 Dec – 12 Dec 2011

We’ll be heading to Hong Kong. Mainly to visit Sammiewham..we can’t wait!! 😀 Hopefully we can squeeze in abit of everything – eating, shopping, sightseeing, Macau! I have yet to find a hotel though..! 😡

25 Dec – 29 Dec 2011

And the long-awaited trip to Phuket! I almost started to believe that we were jinxed NEVER to visit Phuket. Our first trip was meant to be in April this year, which we forfeited our tickets because I had just started on my new job – something unforseen at the time of buying the tickets. Luckily for us, the tickets were barely $100.

This time, we almost didn’t make it again, cos of M’s job where she’ll be starting in mid December. We were planning to forfeit the tickets already. Thankfully, her job requires her to take block leave during the Christmas season just like me! So Phuket is still on!

Pristine beaches, here we come!

Ok I’m sure the beaches are probably not that pretty, but I hope it’ll be close?


Aspery Hotel booked! I hope it looks similar to the pictures.. since I took really long to decide on one. I especially need clean rooms and toilet.. I’m anal like that.

aspery hotel

aspery hotel pool

Can’t wait for December..meanwhile, I shall enjoy my November! More exciting activities to come..


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