Our Movie Date!

5 Nov

in time

4 popcorns

We recently caught ‘In Time’ for our movie date! Our whole day was spent eating and relaxing, and this show made it all the better!

In Time had a fantastic cast! Main lead Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried (I would have preferred an alternative though), Olivia Wilde (as Timberlake’s mom) and and and Matthew Bomer (though he only had about 10 minutes airtime)!!

This movie chronicles a future whereby humans live till 25 (and look 25 forever), and they are given 1 year more before they die. Time is currency in this world, and to survive past 26, people have to earn ‘time’. Wages are paid in ‘time’, commodities are priced in terms of ‘time’ too (a cup of coffee costs 4 minutes). Their life clock is embedded neon in their hands and these ‘time’ are added or deducted when their hands are being scanned. Oh, and you can give or take ‘time’ away from people by holding their hands.

Enter Will Salas (Timberlake), a ghetto factory worker, earning barely enough ‘time’ to make it past day after day for him and his mother. Isn’t it scary to wake up everyday, not knowing if you can live past the next 24hours? I digress. Anyway, the story starts picking up when Will sees Henry Hamilton (Bomer) flashing his ‘time’ around in the bar, buying drinks for everyone cos he has more than a century on his clock. Time bandits called the Minutemen enters and try to rob Hamilton of his ‘time’. Will helps him escapes and finds out there is actually more than enough ‘time’ going around just that the rich in other zones are keeping to be immortal. Hamilton is tired of living (he is actually 105 years old), and gives Will all his ‘time’ and commits suicide.

Sadly, before Will can give his mother some of his ‘time’, she dies just because she had not enough ‘time’ to pay the bus fare. Will embarks on the journey to another zone, the rich and luxurious New Greenwich. He gambles, earns more ‘time’, buys a car, and enjoys luxury for a short while before the ‘Timekeepers’ (their version of the police force) from the Ghetto confiscates his ‘time’, thinking he murdered Hamilton to steal his time. He holds Sylvia (Seyfried) hostage, since she’s the daughter of a billionaire.

They embark on a journey together since all her ‘time’ was stolen too and she finally knows how it feels to literally live one day at a time. They steal a bank owned by her dad, face-offs with the Timekeepers and Minutemen, rob Sylvia’s dad of his treasure – a million years stored in a vault – to distribute to the poor

I felt the ending could have been better though! But it’s a show I could probably watch just one more time (:

Long weekend ahead to enjoy..Happy Hari Raya Haji!


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