Singapore’s 4th Love & Pride Film Festival

26 Oct

Singapore 4th love and pride film festival

Last week was Singapore’s annual Love & Pride Film Festival! The event ran for a week, hosted exclusively at GV Grand at Great World. They did include a good line-up of  films such as the The Kids are Alright and I Love You Phillip Morris. And then there was Private Romeo which was never screened in Singapore before. Adding to the list were 2 HongKong films – Permanent Residence and Amphetamine.

Having a hard time trying to fit our schedules, as well as the fact that tickets were snapped up so quickly, we ended up watching only Permanent Residence.


Permanent Residence revolves around a gay male, Ivan, falling for his straight friend, Windson While Windson is obviously attracted to Ivan, he refuses to admit his sexuality throughout the show and reciprocate the love. The movie build up was slow and there was no big climax. Pretty enjoyable for me and I liked the way the switch in languages from Chinese to English to Cantonese transitioned smoothly. With some heartbreaking scenes which were conveyed so well, this movie didn’t fare too badly. Plus Sean Li (starring as Ivan) is quite an eye candy too. What I didn’t fancy was the ending, as well as Osman Hung (starring as Windson) singing Truly Madly Deeply in substandard English (eeks!). They could really have saved the trouble and used the original.

This non-mainstream show is quite a thing. Film-maker Scud also produced Amphetamine which I was dying to catch during LPFF! Having missed it, I might just resort to looking for the DVD online. His movies are one to watch out for!


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