Grousings of The Pain(t)ball Amateur

16 Oct

My first encounter with paintball took place 2 weeks back. After hearing ‘horror stories’ about how strenuous the game was, the possible pain and its aftermath, my enthusiasm dropped to zero.

The game was almost cancelled cos 15 minutes before our time, it was still pouring heavily. Thankfully (or not), the rain stopped. The weather was humid and it didn’t help that the field was muddy and slightly flooded at some areas.

Getting all prepped up!


Tip #1: Never wear jeans to play paintball. It restricts your movement and it’s tough to crouch low and run at the same time, making you an easy target (i.e.ME)

Stuffy Headgear – perfect for smelling your own breath


Trying out a few shots beforehand


Posing while we still can



Tip #2: Never wear white, red or blue or any other bright colours. We were easily spotted most of the time, while those in black or grey, it seems like they were never in the game at all.

My battle scars – at my thigh

PhotobucketIt didnt look too bad at first, then it start turning into a weird shade of yellow-purple-black. This took two weeks to finally disappear.

Tip #3 (for the unadventurous): Be a coward, hide and shoot. Why run around and risk getting shot at?

I guess for the experience, this wasn’t too bad.

If only the weather was better, so that we didn’t have to splash around in muddy water and kneel in mud.

If only the headgear was less suffocating, so that we wouldn’t have to literally hear ourselves breathless.

If only the pellets hurt less, so that our bruises wouldn’t hurt like a bitch and temporarily disfigure us.

If only…

Oh wait, paintball in an aircon environment! I think that would work fine for me. Till then, I don’t see a reason why I would put myself through paintball anymore. Make that PAINball.


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