Movie Review: Abduction

9 Oct


3half popcorns

Finally! We had our movie date for Abduction! I think we saw this trailer ever since April? I was mostly the one being excited to catch this. No idea why either. It looked thrilling, there was taylor lautner. Why not..

Interesting storyline of Taylor Lautner finding his own picture on a missing kids website and then wondering who the people whom he call parents really are. Next thing he knows, his parents are dead, people are after him. I think the built up was fantastic. Kept me wondering how long this show was going to be since the climax had yet to reach after an hour or so.

Sadly the climax was disappointing. No twist, not that thrilling and it ended abrupt.

For the exciting first one half hour of the show, I think it deserves an above average rating! Quite a forgettable show though..


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