So many shows, so little time

29 Sep

After most drama shows ended their seasons in the mid-year period around April or May, we were left with a void to fill. Suddenly, there was no more weekly anticipation for the next episode to come. Think: withdrawal symptoms.

So we turned to movies. Catching up on old shows. Borrowing DVDs etc.

In a blink of an eye, it’s September. Time for these dramas to air their new seasons! Better yet, they all come almost at one go.  We should rejoice, but suddenly I find myself with so little time to enjoy these show.

I need a to-do list. Or rather, a to-watch list.

My top drama shows to catch this season:

1. Nikita

Nikita is ranked tops for me. My favourite show amongst all no doubt. Season 2 is already out and I can’t wait to see the hot Maggie Q in action again.

2. Chuck

The 5th and final season will be out on 21st October! It’ll be a great loss to us for this show to end..but I think Season 5 has a whole new twist on who is now the ‘Intersect’.. can’t wait!

3. Grey’s Anatomy

7 seasons and still going strong..Season 8 has been premiered already. And we still have not watched.. ):

4. Burn Notice

I think I would rank Burn Notice as my second favourite show after Nikita. I like the way the show is scripted out. Full of genius ideas and it’s lighthearted too. Somehow or rather we suddenly stopped watching Burn Notice. And then once in a while I would continue where I left off. I believe I’m in the midst of Season 4 and Season 5 began in June this year! I have lots to catch up. But I intend for this show to be the one to fill the gap when some shows take a break (: To rekindle my love for the show again.

5. Lie to Me

Who would have thought micro expressions could speak a thousand words or lies. So naturally we thought this show was brilliantly executed. We stopped mid way through and then I caught up again to Season 3, which I believe was the last season. I just need to finish up the last few episodes to complete this show.

Should I or Should I not?

Dilemmas as to whether I should start watching some new shows that just premiered or that has been running. Decisions, decisions.

1. The Secret Circle

Witches, supernatural powers. Although I’m not really a fan of such shows, but for all that’s worth, I heard that Gale Harold has made this show one not to be missed. He’ll be taking the role of the evil yet scheming antagonist, why not right? Plus he’s still hot at 40 plus. 

This show just premiered mid September. Should I even start on it?

2. Hawaii Five-0

A remake of the original show in 1960s, this one has eye-candies. And I caught some snippets of it and thought it looked good. If I start, that means I would have to watch 24 episodes of Season 1 before catching up on Season 2 which has already started.


I’ve thought of a strategy. To watch 1 or 2 shows religiously. And when they end the following year, we would have other shows to catch up on. Thing is, can we resist keeping some shows till the end?

Never thought tv dramas could pose such dilemmas.


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