Weird Interest or Fear?

22 Sep

Chancing upon Trutv was an unforeseen encounter. I was in fact trolling the web reading on archaeology findings, when it led me to an article on the case of Mary Bell. Both subjects definitely are of no relevance to each other, but thanks to Google!

I digress.

The Case of Mary Bell became was the media’s talk of the town back then in 1968, England. Mary Bell who was 10 at that time was charged with the manslaughter of 2 boys – Martin Brown (4 years old) and Brian Howe (3 years old). I ended up reading on the story on Wikipedia, and then later on Trutv.

Trutv had the full re-enactment of the case, and also recounted the specific details of Mary Bell’s interrogation with the police as well as her trial in court. It revealed her as an emotionally disturbed child who at a young tender age could carry out murders or tortures with no remorse, but rather excitement. Her actions were shocking and unbelievable even for an adult, much less a 10 year old girl. It’s almost impossible to summarise the 24 chapters I read on Trutv. Surprisingly, her sentence was 12 years only. Of course, 12 years is a long time – more than a decade. I shan’t opinionate further though.

Trutv has a whole range of other stories of crimes, serial killers etc which I have been skimming through, and I think it will be next most visited site.

Now, am I weird to have such great interest in real crimes? I tend to randomly read Wikipedia on infamous cases, and then link from one story to another, be it murder, rape or otherwise.  I could go on and on. And then wonder how did mankind become as such. How is it even possible for someone to carry out such acts?

I have been thinking if I have a serious case of malfunction somewhere in my brains, since I get easily intrigued and interested in such cases. I decided to google it! Apparently women are interested in reading true crime stories more than men and this interest is driven by fear. Fear that it might happen to them. And as the weaker gender, learn to protect themselves and be extra vigilant to their surroundings.

Maybe it’s not just some weird interest, reading to pass my time. But perhaps, subconsciously it’s my fear.


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