Movie Review: Final Destination 5

7 Sep

I was contemplating on whether I should put the movie poster up since it’s not too pretty. Nonetheless, here it is. W and I caught Final Destination 5 over the weekend. I honestly thought we were going to catch The Rise of  the Planet of the Apes. I had to grudgingly watch the movie though.

FD1 half

There’s something about the Final Destination series that creeps me. Although I have watched all 5 before, I can safely say I have never enjoyed any. I was co-erced into watching every single one!

This show does not even qualify under the ‘Horror’ genre which I enjoy watching. It’s eerie, dark and morbid. I don’t think there’s a category that would even fit shows like these.

Those who followed the Final Destination sequels would know how the show usually starts off. Someone would have a premonition that an accident happens and the people with them would die. When they end their vision, they make it out in time before the accident happens and escapes Death. But what they don’t know is that they have not fully escaped the plans of Death. Death comes looking for it’s intended victims one by one instead.

Final Destination 5 had a few twists in the plot, which was interesting. Other than that, I was on the verge of leaving the cinema whenever a gruesome scene came up. I guess this show is not for the faint-hearted (images still pop up in my head now and then), but for those looking for some thrill and fright, this show is worth a watch!


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