Global Leaders Series with Karen Hughes

26 Aug

A couple of days back, I attended an event hosted by AmCham Singapore at The Regent Hotel. This event was another of their Global Leaders Series talks, this time with Karen Hughes, titled:

Government and Business in Asia: How Asia is Driving the International Public Affairs Debate

Karen Hughes is the current Global Vice Chair of Burson-Marstella, a US public relations and communications firm. What caught my attention was actually her job background where she previously worked with the former President George W. Bush from the time he was governor of Texas till his service as the President of US.

Her talk definitely captivated the audience, as she fondly recalled and shared anecdotes of her working experience with George Bush. As a communicator counsellor, she has had the privilege of preparing the former president’s speeches for press conferences. No doubt a fantastic speaker herself too.

Aside from her main discussion on how Asia MNCs can seek new platforms of engagement, what resonated with me was the 5Cs that she shared. Basically, in any presentation or speech, these 5Cs should be included for a strategic way of communicating to our audiences.

  1. Clarity : Think – What will make headlines? To effectively communicate the message across, the content should be clear.
  2. Conviction : Mean what you say. Simple as that.
  3. Compassion : If the audience can relate your message to their lives, this will be capture their attention as it’s relevant to them.
  4. Credibility : People need to know you are credible to believe in what you say. To be credible, you need to be..
  5. Consistent : Saying something over and over again shows that you know what your focus is. Having a consistent story makes you credible. And, make sure you do what you say.

All in all, it was a great talk which I felt was so easily applicable to anyone and everyone in their daily lives. It was worth taking the time to ponder carefully over what she said after the session to be able to fully make use of her tips.


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