Movie Reviews: Jumping the Broom, Ice Quake & Limitless

23 Aug

A few recent movies that we borrowed! And I actually liked all of them pretty much.

First up, Jumping the Broom. This show isn’t just any other love show or chick flick. Problems arise between the bride and groom’s family due to their different social status. The groom’s family who’s of a lower social status has disagreements on how the wedding is being carried out in a modern and uptown manner, and insists on following the tradition of jumping the broom during the wedding ceremony. I never knew such a culture existed, but there definitely is a story behind this. In the past, weddings between the African-American slaves were never seen as legal. Jumping the broom was used to symbolize and announce their marital union. More information on the different symbolization of jumping the broom in various cultures can be found in Wikipedia.

Jumping the Broom

4 popcorns

Ice Quake was fantastic as well! A movie full of adrenaline rush seeing them escape the avalanche. Adding to that, there are ice eruptions resulting from liquid methane underground. The destruction is not as much as those shows like 2012 or  The Day After Tomorrow, but the excitement was good enough for me. Shows like these makes me treasure Singapore for being natural disaster-free but also worried about the possibility of Mother Earth experiencing such a fate.

Ice Quake

4 popcorns

We also borrowed Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. Despite some reviews that it was a boring movie, I actually enjoyed it! As an uninspired author, he chances upon a pill which allows him 100% access to his brain power. He finishes writing his books in days and earns quickly from trading stocks, becoming an overnight star. Although the wonders of the pill is really hard to believe, but it was an interesting show worth catching nonetheless! 3 and a half popcorns for Limitless!

3half popcorns


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