Beating the Monday Blues

22 Aug

Almost every Monday is quite dreadful for me. This didnt seem to happen in school, but only when work life started. On Sunday, what we call the ‘Sunday Syndrome’ starts to kick in. This includes bouts of lethargy, whining and all things negative revolving around not wanting the new work week to start.

Back to my Monday! After a busy morning, here’s how I managed to beat my Monday Blues:

      1. Sit alone in the office to enjoy my own personal time.
        Resting my eyes for a minute or so, or even zoning out. Without anyone else disturbing. And then trolling the Internet to do my own personal stuff.
      2. Lunched in, alone.
        There’s something I like about lunching alone. I used to think I could never eat on my own – cos it looks like I have no friends-, but after having a job which requires me to work independently, I rarely have a chance to lunch with colleagues. So now, I’m pretty much used to eating alone, and I actually enjoy having some time to myself. After rushing and chatting all morning, sometimes I’d rather not go out in a group, and have to chat even more when I’m exhausted. So today, while everyone was out, I lunched in! Felt good..till it got really cold, so I decided to step out of my office, which led me to…
      3. Shopping!
        I decided to head to Plaza Singapura for one main reason – Daiso. I’ve been wanting to take a look at their bento boxes to see if I should go ahead with my plan of packing my own food in a bid to save money and eat healthy. So, I decided to use my flexi lunch hour to shop abit. As usual, the place was packed, and their latest items in store were Halloween decorations, although it seems abit too early to be planning for Halloween. Stepping into Daiso always leads to me buying unnecessary stuff. Never once have I went to Daiso and bought only the things I intended to. So anyway I found cute notepads for work, a new cosmetic bag, and bento boxes.


So, I guess I’ve found one way to feel better on a moody Monday, which is to just relax and be on my own. Have no qualms about doing what I feel like doing for the day. And of course, the shopping helped!


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