Movie Reviews: The Town, The Rebound & The Break-Up

19 Aug

A while back when we first started borrowing DVDs , we were hooked onto chick flicks. Almost every visit to the DVD store saw us going back with a couple or more chick flicks in tow. I guess this was mainly to relieve stress as well. To be able to just relax and enjoy a light-hearted show.

We finally decided to include some serious shows in, and took home with us The Town – starring Ben Affleck and Blake Lively.

The Town3half popcorns

3 and a half popcorns for this show! Simple story-line of 4 friends committing one robbery after another, in the town of Charlestown where crime is so common, like a trait inherited from generations. Like in every other show, there’s some sort of twist. For The Town, Ben Affleck fell in love with the girl he held hostage in one of his robberies. That’s pretty much the only interesting part. That being said, it wouldn’t be a show I see myself re-watching again.

One of my favourite shows so far, The Rebound.

The Rebound 4half popcorns

I love love love this show! Watched it twice in 4 days before we returned it. Unlike other romance shows, where boy meets girl, The Rebound is totally different – Catherine Zeta-Jones falling in love with a younger guy, Justin Bartha! Despite their differences in age, goals in life, the happy ending comes at the end of the show.

The Breakup2half popcorns

Only borrowed this show cos of Jennifer Aniston, who’s super hot. It was so-so only. The show revolved around both of them getting back at each other after the break-up. And they left the ending

Anyway..More movies coming up!


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