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Life is a journey, not a destination

31 Aug

I came across these visual statements from thecoolhunter and connected with them. Pretty much sums up the moments where we are trying to figure out life.

For the times when life throws you lemons


Optimism is the way to go


Our lives’ accomplishment


Words of comfort. All-time favourite quote.




Event of the Month | August 2011

30 Aug

Singapore’s 2nd Presidential Elections

Despite the hype having died down after the elections ended on Sunday morning at 4 am or so, I thought this was yet another historic moment for Singapore and for us to remember.

Our former presidents were mostly elected uncontested elections till 1993 where Singapore had her first ever presidential election. Too young to vote then or to even understand politics, that event went unnoticed in our eyes. 18 years later, and we have our 2nd presidential elections, the seat hotly contested by 4 candidates.

Our polling day was on 27th August, and we headed to our respective venues to hand in our polls. Pretty quick process as the crowds came in at staggering periods.

My Polling Ticket

polling ticket

Although we weren’t too excited with the results (we voted for the man who came in second), I guess that’s that! A new president for Singapore for the next 6 years come 1st September. Till then, we will reminisce on this defining moment where we played a part in Singapore’s 2nd ever Presidential Election in history.

Global Leaders Series with Karen Hughes

26 Aug

A couple of days back, I attended an event hosted by AmCham Singapore at The Regent Hotel. This event was another of their Global Leaders Series talks, this time with Karen Hughes, titled:

Government and Business in Asia: How Asia is Driving the International Public Affairs Debate

Karen Hughes is the current Global Vice Chair of Burson-Marstella, a US public relations and communications firm. What caught my attention was actually her job background where she previously worked with the former President George W. Bush from the time he was governor of Texas till his service as the President of US.

Her talk definitely captivated the audience, as she fondly recalled and shared anecdotes of her working experience with George Bush. As a communicator counsellor, she has had the privilege of preparing the former president’s speeches for press conferences. No doubt a fantastic speaker herself too.

Aside from her main discussion on how Asia MNCs can seek new platforms of engagement, what resonated with me was the 5Cs that she shared. Basically, in any presentation or speech, these 5Cs should be included for a strategic way of communicating to our audiences.

  1. Clarity : Think – What will make headlines? To effectively communicate the message across, the content should be clear.
  2. Conviction : Mean what you say. Simple as that.
  3. Compassion : If the audience can relate your message to their lives, this will be capture their attention as it’s relevant to them.
  4. Credibility : People need to know you are credible to believe in what you say. To be credible, you need to be..
  5. Consistent : Saying something over and over again shows that you know what your focus is. Having a consistent story makes you credible. And, make sure you do what you say.

All in all, it was a great talk which I felt was so easily applicable to anyone and everyone in their daily lives. It was worth taking the time to ponder carefully over what she said after the session to be able to fully make use of her tips.

Quote of the Day

25 Aug

“It’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential”

 – President Barack Obama

Movie Reviews: Jumping the Broom, Ice Quake & Limitless

23 Aug

A few recent movies that we borrowed! And I actually liked all of them pretty much.

First up, Jumping the Broom. This show isn’t just any other love show or chick flick. Problems arise between the bride and groom’s family due to their different social status. The groom’s family who’s of a lower social status has disagreements on how the wedding is being carried out in a modern and uptown manner, and insists on following the tradition of jumping the broom during the wedding ceremony. I never knew such a culture existed, but there definitely is a story behind this. In the past, weddings between the African-American slaves were never seen as legal. Jumping the broom was used to symbolize and announce their marital union. More information on the different symbolization of jumping the broom in various cultures can be found in Wikipedia.

Jumping the Broom

4 popcorns

Ice Quake was fantastic as well! A movie full of adrenaline rush seeing them escape the avalanche. Adding to that, there are ice eruptions resulting from liquid methane underground. The destruction is not as much as those shows like 2012 or  The Day After Tomorrow, but the excitement was good enough for me. Shows like these makes me treasure Singapore for being natural disaster-free but also worried about the possibility of Mother Earth experiencing such a fate.

Ice Quake

4 popcorns

We also borrowed Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. Despite some reviews that it was a boring movie, I actually enjoyed it! As an uninspired author, he chances upon a pill which allows him 100% access to his brain power. He finishes writing his books in days and earns quickly from trading stocks, becoming an overnight star. Although the wonders of the pill is really hard to believe, but it was an interesting show worth catching nonetheless! 3 and a half popcorns for Limitless!

3half popcorns

Beating the Monday Blues

22 Aug

Almost every Monday is quite dreadful for me. This didnt seem to happen in school, but only when work life started. On Sunday, what we call the ‘Sunday Syndrome’ starts to kick in. This includes bouts of lethargy, whining and all things negative revolving around not wanting the new work week to start.

Back to my Monday! After a busy morning, here’s how I managed to beat my Monday Blues:

      1. Sit alone in the office to enjoy my own personal time.
        Resting my eyes for a minute or so, or even zoning out. Without anyone else disturbing. And then trolling the Internet to do my own personal stuff.
      2. Lunched in, alone.
        There’s something I like about lunching alone. I used to think I could never eat on my own – cos it looks like I have no friends-, but after having a job which requires me to work independently, I rarely have a chance to lunch with colleagues. So now, I’m pretty much used to eating alone, and I actually enjoy having some time to myself. After rushing and chatting all morning, sometimes I’d rather not go out in a group, and have to chat even more when I’m exhausted. So today, while everyone was out, I lunched in! Felt good..till it got really cold, so I decided to step out of my office, which led me to…
      3. Shopping!
        I decided to head to Plaza Singapura for one main reason – Daiso. I’ve been wanting to take a look at their bento boxes to see if I should go ahead with my plan of packing my own food in a bid to save money and eat healthy. So, I decided to use my flexi lunch hour to shop abit. As usual, the place was packed, and their latest items in store were Halloween decorations, although it seems abit too early to be planning for Halloween. Stepping into Daiso always leads to me buying unnecessary stuff. Never once have I went to Daiso and bought only the things I intended to. So anyway I found cute notepads for work, a new cosmetic bag, and bento boxes.


So, I guess I’ve found one way to feel better on a moody Monday, which is to just relax and be on my own. Have no qualms about doing what I feel like doing for the day. And of course, the shopping helped!

Movie Reviews: The Town, The Rebound & The Break-Up

19 Aug

A while back when we first started borrowing DVDs , we were hooked onto chick flicks. Almost every visit to the DVD store saw us going back with a couple or more chick flicks in tow. I guess this was mainly to relieve stress as well. To be able to just relax and enjoy a light-hearted show.

We finally decided to include some serious shows in, and took home with us The Town – starring Ben Affleck and Blake Lively.

The Town3half popcorns

3 and a half popcorns for this show! Simple story-line of 4 friends committing one robbery after another, in the town of Charlestown where crime is so common, like a trait inherited from generations. Like in every other show, there’s some sort of twist. For The Town, Ben Affleck fell in love with the girl he held hostage in one of his robberies. That’s pretty much the only interesting part. That being said, it wouldn’t be a show I see myself re-watching again.

One of my favourite shows so far, The Rebound.

The Rebound 4half popcorns

I love love love this show! Watched it twice in 4 days before we returned it. Unlike other romance shows, where boy meets girl, The Rebound is totally different – Catherine Zeta-Jones falling in love with a younger guy, Justin Bartha! Despite their differences in age, goals in life, the happy ending comes at the end of the show.

The Breakup2half popcorns

Only borrowed this show cos of Jennifer Aniston, who’s super hot. It was so-so only. The show revolved around both of them getting back at each other after the break-up. And they left the ending

Anyway..More movies coming up!